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We are Gary and Karen Engle, owners of Xanadus Nest which was opened in 2002.  We were like all other bird owners looking for an affordable means of spoiling our feathered kids without breaking the bank.  Xanadu, our umbrella cockatoo, was our first exotic parrot and as time went on we got to realize the true cost of owning such a large exotic parrot.  The cage alone was a sticker shock, with the large sizes starting at $500+.  Food, toys, perches; tack on another $100.  Wow.  So over time as we acquired our “pet” birds, we decided to seriously look into opening a store to cater soley to all  feathered kids and extend to our friends and customers an affordable means of spoiling theirs also.  We started our store out of our home in 2006 and when we moved to the country, Benson, NC…we decided to make a storage building in July 2013 near our home into a store for our customers to visit and purchase all they need for their feathered kids at a very reasonable price.  We are more like a sigh of relief when our customers venture into other pet stores.  Our prices are extremely reasonable making it so much more affordable for everyone to spoil those feathered kids.   We extend discounts to all avian rescue organizations and adoptees to help rehome feathered kids in transition wanting to be loved and less of a financial shock to the new owners.