Country:  Australia

Cockatiels are usually about 12 inches in length, from the beak to the end of the tail feathers.

Cockatiels in captivity usually have a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years.

Most handfed Cockatiels have a very sweet, even temperament, and will exhibit a rather curious and inquisitive nature. They can bond closely with their owners and can be extremely affectionate. Cockatiels are quite intelligent and very social, and enjoy interacting with their human “flock”. When properly stimulated, they are relatively easy to care for and make wonderful companions.

Cockatiels come in a wide variety of colors including Grey, Lutino (yellow), Cinnamon, Pearl, Albino (white), Whiteface, and Fallow. There are new color mutations surfacing every day, creating more variety for pet owners interested in keeping the birds.