Brown Throated Conure








The brown-throated conure makes a very affectionate pet bird. They tend to bond to one person in the family rather than to multiple people. They can be quite loud and because they are active, they need plenty of toys and opportunities to fly and climb. Because they like to explore and chew, giving them an entertaining pet bird cage and playgym, along with plenty of healthy chew toys, is important

Care should be taken to hand-time the brown-throated conure at an early age; this will ensure the bird is well-socialized and help the bird enjoy being handled throughout its life. Conures can have loud, harsh calls, and this natural trait cannot be “trained away.” However, proper socialization and enough mental stimulation will help to prevent this species from becoming excessive screamers. The brown-throated conure should have a large cage and enough daily out time to keep it happy and content.


Scientific Name:
Native Region:
Northern South America
10 inches
Life Expectancy:
10 to 25 years
Noise Level:
Talk / Trick Ability: